Q : Why did you form Little Diamond Theatre Company (LDTC)?

A: I love to entertain people by telling stories on stage. Rather than wait for roles and plays to come along, I decided to set up my own theatre company, so as I could create and perform theatre that means something to me. Also, after being an executive PA for 20 years, I’m really enjoying producing and all of the organisational/juggling skills that it requires.

Q : Why is theatre so important to you?

A: Theatre has always excited and invigorated me. Life can be a tough journey, but you can lose yourself in theatre, as an actor and as a member of the audience. We are all bumbling our way through life, doing our best, and for me ‘art’ in any form helps you cope. As Stella Adler famously quoted 'Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one'

Q : What are the future plans for LDTC?

A: I am excited about the future of LDTC. We hope to produce more plays in the near future. Our aim is to ensure that some of the fabulous plays of the past are not forgotten, but we may introduce you to some new writing too. Watch this space…. "Theatre should echo the lives, dreams and hearts of the audience it serves" - Sarah Burrill - founder of LDTC

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